Message from the Director of Schools and Colleges

Education in countries around the world is experiencing an unprecedented time of rapid innovation and change. For our students to remain competitive locally and internationally, we need to be prepared to look closely and critically at ourselves and, in light of such reflection, aim to be true ‘agents of change’.

The changes we need to embrace require the strengthening of our teachers at two levels: the first level are those teachers who have been in the teaching profession for more than five years, who need opportunities to continue to upgrade their skills, knowledge and understanding in order to adapt to the ever-changing education environment and to implement these changes in their classrooms; the second level are those who are just starting out as teachers and who need to be prepared to enter the classroom as confident practitioners and become the educators of Pakistan’s future society.

Thus, we carry an important role within Pakistan society to provide opportunities for learning that enable our students to become the very best that they can be. We do this by being professionals and we do this by caring about the profession. When we do this, we leave a permanent mark on the lives of our students.

This ethos reminds us to never stop reflecting on the quality of what we do, and to never stop thinking about new ways to become better at what we do.

Steve Ryan