Academic Calendar 2018 - 2019

Orientation Day August/04th/2018 August/01st/2018
Commencement of Classes August/06h/2018 August/02nd/2018
First Term Exams – 30% Course September/14th-24th/2018 September/14th-24th/2018
Follow-up Exams September/24th/2018 September/24th/2018
1st PTM & First Term Result September/29th/2018 September/29th/2018
Second Term Exams- 50% Course December/13th-20st/2018 December/13th-20st/2018
            Winter Vacations December/21st-31st/2018 December/21st-31st/2018
 Follow-up Exams January/02st-01st/2019 January/02st-01st/2019
Result of Second Term December/31st-2019 December/31st-2019
Third Term Exams– 75% Course February/01st – 08th/2019 February/01st – 08th/2019
Follow-up Exams February/11st/2019 February/11st/2019
           Syllabus Covered February 28th/2019 February 28th/2019
Preliminary Exams  100%Coures March /01-15/2019 March /01-15/2019
Results & PTM of Preliminary March /18th /2019 March /18th /2019
Re- Exams March /19th-25th/2019 March /19th-25th/2019
Admit cards distribution As per Board of H.S.S
End of Session March/25nd/2019 March/25nd/2019
Working Days     178 Evaluation Days         24 Teaching Days      119
Weekends of Session   30
Independence Day August/14th/2018
Eid-ul-Adha August/22nd–24th/2018
Defence Day September/06th/2018
Ashura September/20th-21st/2018
Abdullah Shah Ghazi September/14th/2018
Shah Latif Day October/16th/2018
Iqbal Day November/09th/2018
EidMilad un Nabi November/21st/2018
Quaid-e-Azam Day December/25th/2018
Kashmir Day February/05th/2019

Co-Curricular Activities

Tentative Dates

Independence Day Celebration 13 th August 2018
Eid  Milan  Party 1st September 2018
Dry  Flower   Show  &   Plantation Day 13th October 2018
 Qirat & Naat Competition 23rd November 2018
Study Tours Just After Mid Term
 Sports Day 12th January 2018
Motivational Workshops Any two Saturdays
Farewell Party 20th   March 2018
Seminars Last Week of February
Morning Assembly
In real sense to start every day’s processing with the name of Allah and then to relate it

 with the event of the day in a brief manner, before commencing schedule academic

Activity of the day.


S.NO       Month  Working days Teaching days Evaluation Days
1. August 19 19 ———————
2. September 15 15
3. October 22 22 ———————
4. November 20 20 ———————
5. December 14 14
6. January 23 23 ———————
7. February 18 18 ———————
8. March 21 21
9. April 14 14
Total no. of

working days  156


Total no. of

Teaching Days156

Total no. of

Evaluation Days