Code Of Ethics

ZSC is an educational institution that not only is promising |Academic excellence but also looking after and ensuring moral and ethical development of Students .Therefore this institution requires all those admitted here to follow the Code of Ethics which will train the students in behaving with responsibility and dignity.

  • Students will be allowed to visit tuck shop only during scheduled college breaks. Roaming around in the college premises and bunking of scheduled classes is prohibited. If found bunking 10 marks will be deducted from grand total of secured marks in examinations, disciplinary action would be taken and parents would be notified.
  • Students are not allowed to leave college premises before the end of last scheduled class and in exceptions need a gate pass to leave the college premises from competent authority.
  • Visitors are not allowed to see the students during college hours and in the college premises.
  • Loud conversation, Political and religious discussions, chewing pan, Gutka, Smoking, playing and unnecessary interaction among students is not allowed in college premises.
  • Any abuse physical or verbal with any of the faculty member or employees of Dr. Ziauddin Intermediate College and Hospital will result in termination of student from college without any warning.
  • Dr Ziauddin Intermediate College practices zero tolerance policy against indiscipline and non following of “Code of Ethics” and non compliance will result in expulsion of candidate from the college without notifications.