Campus Life

The campus is a buzz of activity at ziauddin school and college. It is designed to facilitate the busy academic and campus lives of students. The college is committed to providing a balanced environment for its students.

Career Counselling

All students at ziauddin school and college are offered advice and counseling to help them make informed decisions in their educational and professional careers. Counselors are senior faculty members with experience in their fields. The aim of counselling is to help each student identify their unique path. With a strong faculty, the counseling experience at ziauddin school and college is truly valued by the students.

Co-Curricular Activities

Co-curricular activities are significant to complement the syllabi or curriculum of the education program. These ungraded activities provide education, complementary learning and boosts students’ self-confidence. In addition to this, these activities allow students to explore their strength and talent outside the domain of classroom. Keeping in view these perks, ZSC value co-curricular activities and therefore, it actively organizes such programs such as debates, scrabble competition, plays, music show etc.