Edhi Village

Life’s most persistent yet squeezing query is, ‘What are you doing for others?’ Islam teaches us to serve humanity without any discrimination. On 17th December 2019, DZIC students visited Edhi Village Gadap town & did community service too. It was a life-changing experience as it was filled with emotions and sentiments. Students spent time with children, men, women, disables persons & workers who live there and share their love and kindness with the residents of Edhi Village.

Dr.Ziauddin Hospital Trip

Education is not just bookish knowledge but a variety of sources that can be explored to understand the world around us. Thus on December 16, 2019, Dr. Ziauddin Intermediate College 1st year students visited Dr. Ziauddin Hospital. Students visited Cardiology, Critical Care, ENT, General Surgery, Neurology units. The observations & discussions provided extensive knowledge about these departments. Further, the students also met   Dr. Shereen Mansoor, MS of Dr. Ziauddin Hospital where students were briefed about the hospital working environment especially with regards to patients care & treatment.
The students found the trip very informative especially those who are aspiring to be future doctors and were happy about all the learning from this delightful experience.

Science Exhibition

Science Expos is a great investment of time and energy that produces amazing rewards. It can open doors to career opportunities, improve creative skills and increase scientific knowledge. An expo was held in DZIC on 18th December 2019.

Say No To Tuition

DZIC takes pride in discouraging out-of-school tuition practice as the faculty and staff is always willing and able to help out students in any extra help they may require.

Oath Taking Ceremony

An Oath Taking Ceremony was held at #DZIC to swear in the student body representatives and leader. We hope their tenure will be productive and full of experiential learning for the entire student body!

Mid Term Assessments

Tests and assessments are designed to enhance both the capabilities of teachers and students. Mid Terms assessments have begun at DZIC in full swing and we hope all students will learn and succeed with flying colors!

Career Counselling

In collaboration with Ziauddin College of Rehabilitation, a career counselling session was held at DZIC for the students to learn of the options and opportunities they have. Mr. Usman Khan and Ms. Neelum Zehra guided the students of the scope of particular fields and what it requires.

Career Counseling seminar at Dr. Ziauddin Inter College

On 20 th November 2019, ICMA Pakistan conducted a detailed Career Counseling seminar at Dr. Ziauddin Inter College, Nazimabad. More than  80 students from Pre-Engg, Pre-Med, and Commerce background participated in this session. During session, Syed Shaiq Musavi, Assistant Director Marketing, discussed Career Choices in detail, about CMA Profession, ICMA entry routes and job opportunities after graduation. The session went very interactive and at the Q&A Session was held

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