Guest Session – Environment Preservation

Rayan Khan, the Young Person’s Ambassador of the Royal Astronautical Society of England, spoke to the DZIC students and faculty members about the importance of using natural light, natural rhythms of life, and practicing smart use of technology. The interactive session informed the students about smart use of light, phone, and studies in Astronomy. The question session by the DZIC students and Principal resulted in further interaction and clarification of concepts.

Urdu play

At DZIC, the students under the guidance of the Urdu Lecturer, Mrs. Shahpara, organized a dramatic representation of Deputy Nazir Ahmed’s play “Mama Azmat”. It was an exciting learning journey for students throughout, from practicing to performing the role plays. Besides, they learnt how to plan, organise and execute an event. The students enjoyed dressing up and acting out the classic play from Urdu Literature. The play was well applauded.

DZIC is introducing Air Conditioned classrooms with Computer Technology

Dr. Ziauddin Intermediate College (DZIC) is introducing Air Conditioned classrooms with Computer Technology. Our aim is to provide our students with excellent education in most favorable environment at our college campus. Our college is associated with the Ziauddin University Education Board (ZUEB), Karachi.

DZIC is Conducting 1st Term Tests

Academic preparation is no easy task! DZIC is conducting 1st term tests to prepare our star students for the yearly Board exams. We have a No-Tuition policy and our qualified faculty members work with individual students to provide the best education possible.

Azaadi Assembly Event

The Administrator, Ms.Naheed Muneer and the Dr. Ziauddin Intermediate College lecturers organized a wonderful Azaadi Assembly. The campus resounded with passionate speeches and national songs by the college students.

Fun in the Sun

Dr. Ziauddin Intermediate College lecturers, Mr. Muzammil and Mr. Ayub, conducted a ‘Fun in the Sun’ sports session with the school students. It’s a good way for students to team work through games in the nice weather.

Capacity Building of Dr Ziauddin School Teachers

The quality of the school syllabus is a fairly reliable indicator of the quality of teaching and learning that will take place in a particular class/school .With this intent a three day workshop was held at Dr. Ziauddin School from 26-28 June 2016. The workshop was lead by the Director Schools, Ms. Rana Hussain along with Ms. Noor e Sahar, the ICT specialist.

Teachers collectively worked on designing the syllabus for Early child hood education, Grade I to Grade III and Senior classes. The focus was students centered learning and achievement of learning outcomes. Teachers reviewed the available curriculum, existing text books and developed a curriculum framework followed by a syllabus plan. The ICT specialists introduced the concepts of ICT integration in the school curriculum.

14 August

Freedom in the Mind,

Faith in the words …

Pride in our souls …

Let’s salute the nation on this auspicious day.

Independence Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm and respect at Dr.Ziauddin Intermediate College. The ceremony started at 8:00am with flag hoisting & cake cutting in the college garden with large crowd of students, alumni & staff.

 The students of College performed tableaus, speeches & sang Patriotic songs that awakened everyone’s feelings for our Mother Land. Administrator Madam Naheed quoted the Famous lines of Poem written by Sufi Ghulam Mustafa Tabassum in the story form. Moreover, she emphasized on the role of students as the true country’s asset.

 Executive Director Prof. Anwar Ahmed Zai spoke on the historic need for of home land for Muslims & that today’s student think about freedom and it’s necessity to inculcate within us. Moreover, he shared some real events of freedom movement as well.

The Programme was concluded with folk songs .At the end cake was distributed to the students.

Pakistan Zindabad!

Farewell party 2018

 To ensure lively environment in the college with regards to academic as well as co-curricular activates, a Fare well party of DZIC was held on Thursday, 19th April in an emotionally charged atmosphere in the Auditorium of the DPD. The house full event was attended by the students, staff and management of the DZIC.

The function began with the recitation of Quran. In the function students of both years, did mimicry, performed skits, parodies & Speeches truly share their experiences and memories during their stay at college.

The Event was jointly chaired by Anwar Ahmed Zia Executive director & Dr.Shireen Mansoor M.S of Dr. Ziauddin Hospital. They both gave brief speeches to encourage students and wishing good luck in the forth coming year, of their practical life.

 At the end of the ceremony Tokens of Appreciation were distributed among the students by our Executive director. The students enjoyed a lot and gave positive feedback.

Annual Picnic

Picnic is arranged at the end of each year to revitalize students and give them a break from tough academic session. Students socialize with each other and have fun outside the domain of classroom.

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